The 30km per litre Mitsubishi Mirage

Mitsubishi is starting to release more information about the forthcoming Mirage eco-car. Set to be released in Thailand in March 2012, the Mirage looks to compete with the Nissan March and Honda Brio.

2012 Mitsubishi Mirage Front Side Image

Let's take a look!

UPDATE 29/3/2012 : Mitsubishi now claim 22km/l for the Mirage. But we can expect lower in real-world driving conditions.

2012 Mitisubishi Mirage Front-Side Image 2012 Mitisubishi Mirage Rear Image

New GS battery aimed at eco-cars

GS Thailand, has developed a new battery which is aimed squarely at the new eco-car market.

Of course, these batteries are probably not all that special if you are used to living in a part of the world where virtually all batteries are modern, and maintenance free. And if you are like me, battery technology probably won't be getting you too excited. However, the effort from GS is appreciated and worth a mention.

Rumour: Etios to replace Yaris and Vios in Thailand for 2012

Toyota Etios Small Image

With the Nissan March and the Honda Brio leading the way in eco-car sales, Toyota has yet to join the cheap-car party.

The Yaris and Vios are getting old, and although a 2012 Yaris is being prepared for Europe and other markets, there is reason to suspect that Toyota might drop the Yaris and Vios, and replace them with an entirely new car. Oh boy!

Let's take a look at the Toyota Etios, a car which looks like Toyota's most likely contender for Thailand's eco-car project.

Auto Express Drives Thai Micra/March

British motoring rag Auto Express have travelled to Thailand to test drive the new Nissan March, or Micra as it will be called in the UK market. The interest in the car is obvious, given that this is a global car, with Thailand being the first market.

Nissan March Image

Honda Show Small Car Concept at 2010 Bangkok International Motor Show

Honda Automobile (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Thailand’s second largest manufacturer and exporter of passenger cars, today exhibited its Honda New Small Concept, a compact-sized concept model and the U3-X, a new personal mobility device at the 31st Bangkok International Motor Show. Both mobility products, exhibited for the first time in Thailand, are expected to be the main attractions at Honda’s booth this year.

Honda Small Car Concept

Nissan Micra at Geneva Shows March Eco Car

Nissan has taken the covers off the all-new Nissan Micra at the Geneva motor show, and now that we can see what it looks like, I can't imagine there being a lot less interest in it. The only possible way this car could be a success is if it's insanely cheap.

Nissan Micra Image

Honda New Small Concept

Honda New Small Image

Honda has just unveiled a new small car concept at the 2010 Auto Expo in New Delhi. You'll never guess what they've called it, so I'll tell you: "New Small."

I really hope nobody got paid to come up with that name. But, while the name might indeed be about as imaginative as the title of this article, the car itself is much less dull. In fact, I'd say it bodes well for the chances of the Eco Car's success in Thailand when it is launched next year (2011 people).

Nissan Eco Car in March 2010

A while back I did a speculative piece and suggested that the Nissan Eco Car could be on the market as soon as October 2009. Well, it's now almost 2010, so I guess you win some, but not the rest.

But this morning Nissan Thailand sent me a very nice little card in the mail, and I'm sure they won't mind me sharing it with you all here. It seems that while I was wrong about the timing of the Eco Car launch, I was probably right about the actual car Nissan would use. Read on...

Gran Turismo 5 and Forza 3 Video Previews

GT5 thumnail image

It's time to start getting really excited, and not because of cars, but because of ones and zeros!

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology little boys (and other people) can immerse themselves into astonishingly realistic racing simulations, hopefully satisfying the need to go fast.

GT5, and Forza 3 look so realistic that you need to keep reminding yourself that this is not real. Although not quite photo-realistic, the graphics look amazing. You can check out preview videos of GT5 and Forza 3 after the jump. And then start saving for a PS3 or an Xbox 360!

Nissan Eco Car by October 2009

Nissan could be the first automaker to introduce its Thai eco car. According to the Bangkok Post, Nissan could have its car to market as soon as October 2009.

It still isn't clear which car Nissan will use for the project, but the March seems likely candidate. The March, also known as the Micra, is currently a Japanese/European car, but the 2010 March (due out near the end of 2009), is to be more of a global model, and this would make it ideal for the eco car project.

Eco-Car Project Pushing Indonesia to Follow Thai Lead

According to a recent posting on, Indonesia might have reason to worry about the impending flood of "eco-car" models coming out of Thailand.

Bambang Trisulo, Chairman of Indonesia`s Motor Vehicle Industries Association, believes that given the high production volumes required by the program, many of the cars will be exported and this could seriously threaten the Indonesian industry.

Eco Car Project Pricing Clue

Either there is an error in the article below, or Eco-Cars are going to be expensive. Taken from the Bangkok Post, the article below is mostly stuff you will have already heard about the Eco-Car project.

Space Up Concept Image

But it seems that this article does answer a question that many are interested to know: What will Eco-Cars cost? Or perhaps the best way to put it is: How cheap will Eco-Cars be?

As you scan down through the article you eventually meet this statement:

Thailand's small eco-cars will be selling in the range of $16,000 and up.

Suzuki to build plant in Rayong - Production of Eco Car to Start 2010!

Suzuki Motor Corporation was one of the companies to submit an application to participate in the Thai Eco Car project, and now they are moving forward and have plans to build a plant in Rayong Province.

Production at the plant is expected to start in 2010.

Suzuki Cervo Image

Suzuki will invest USD 90 million in order to establish a manufacturing company in Thailand, and a further USD 287 million in the construction of the plant. The plant will create 1200 jobs.

"The People's Car" - Tata Nano is Real!

How about this for an amazing feat of stingy design and cost cutting measures? Tata seem to have done it, and after 4 years of head scratching the Indian giant has come up with a car that costs around US$2,500. That is less than THB 75,000!!

The Nano is designed to allow Indian families to move up to four wheels, and whatever you might say about the safety or comfort levels of the Nano, when considered next to a motorbike, this thing is a big improvement. For a start it probably won't go very fast with its tiny 623 cc two cylinder engine.

Tata Nano Image

Tata Motors are billing the Nano as a "People's Car".......

Eco Car Project Lure Snags Volkswagen!

Volkswagen has applied to participate in the Eco Car project and the German auto giant submitted its application right on time for the November 30th deadline. Volkswagen is the 7th manufacturer to apply for the Eco Car project, joining Honda, Nissan, Suzuki, Toyota, Mitsubishi and the Indian newcomer: Tata.

VW Fox Image

What will Volkswagen bring to the Eco Car field? Eco Car project details are still sketchy but speculation is fun. Let's have a look at the VW Eco Car contenders.....

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