Thailand International Motor Expo 2006 Photos - Honda Jazz Custom

Thailand International Motor Expo 2006 Photos - Honda Jazz Custom

Custom shops were showing off some examples of their work, including this Jazz.

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2007 Honda CR-V "Something new to crave"

"Something new to crave" and "Redesign your life" are the two marketing slogans that Honda are using on their recently updated ilovecrv site. Yes, the new 2007 CR-V is now featured on the site, complete with lots of flash graphics.

It's been said that the 2007 Honda CR-V is prettier in the metal, and that is totally possible. The images I've seen so far are not helping it's case, but then again when you're driving it around you don't have to look at it.

The CR-V will be officially unveiled to the Thai public at the Thailand International Motor Expo which kicks off on the 30th November. It is also rumored to be on show at Siam Paragon. I'll be having a close look at the CR-V tomorrow, and will post an overview.

Motor Expo Most Wanted - Honda

2008 Honda Fit

Yesterday we started looking at cars that we'd like to see making appearances at the upcoming Thailand International Motor Expo.

Today we are going to continue this series with a look at Honda. Honda used the 2005 Thailand International Motor Expo to showcase the current Honda Civic and there is reason to believe that the 2007 Honda CR-V will make its Thai debut at this years show, but let's have some fun and imagine what would happen if Honda brought some interesting cars with them to the 2006 Expo.

Honda to invest further THB1.15 billion in Ayutthaya

Honda Automobile Thailand Co. are to increase their investment in their Thai operations by expanding their Ayutthaya plant.

The plant will manufacture engine parts which will negate the need to import them from Japan, while also increasing export capacity of auto parts from Thailand.

This brings Honda's total investment in Thailand to over THB16 billion in the 12 years the company has been operating here.

"Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and skilled team in Thailand are seen as a role model for Honda's sites all over the world." So says Honda president Hiroshi Toda.

Mitsubishi recently announced that they would be exporting the Triton from Thailand for sale in the Japanese market.

Don't be surprised if CBU Hondas start going in that direction.

2007 Honda Stream

Small Stream

The Honda Stream has already been updated to the 2007 model in Japan, and the version currently on sale in Thailand is nearing the end of its life. Although I don't have any official information to go on here, I think that a look at the Japanese model will serve well as a preview of what's in store when the 2007 Stream arrives in Thailand.

3rd Gen Honda CR-V by November

Honda CR-V small image

Honda is to officially debut the 2007 Honda CR-V at the Paris International Motor Show. Ahead of this months event, Honda has released specifications and photos of the 3rd incarnation of their popular SUV.

The CR-V has been struggling badly in Thailand of late. This is not because it’s a bad vehicle by any means, but it’s simply down to Toyota and the Fortuner. It has blown away everything else in the SUV market. The Fortuner is a big piece of metal for the money, with a big engine under it’s big hood. And the money is significantly less than Honda’s asking price for the CR-V.

Honda to Invest US$58.8 million in Thai R&D Unit

Last week there were rumors that Honda might build Hybrid-technology-powered vehicles in Thailand. Honda has now confirmed the confidence they have in Thailand by committing a further 2.4 billion baht investment here.

Honda is to open an R&D unit in Thailand, creating 120 jobs and increasing their presence in the country. The facility will be responsible for the design and development of auto parts, and vehicles for the Asian, Australian and Indian market.

Will 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid be Built in Thailand?

2006 Honda Civic Hybrid, Small

According to an article in today's Bangkok Post, Honda may be considering building the new 2006 Civic Hybrid here in Thailand. The article (see below) suggests that a Civic Hybrid built in Thailand would benefit from 30% excise rates, rather than the 80% applied to the current Hybrid. And suggests that the price would be around 1.5 million baht as a result.

My maths tells me that it should be around 1.3 million if you simply apply the new excise rate, so perhaps the new Civic will cost more to begin with. 1.3, 1.5 ... it probably makes no difference anyway. Anything over 1 million baht and Thai buyers will start looking at Fortuners, Accords and Camrys in preference. If this car could be priced at or below 1 million, and marketed as at the high end of the mid-sized market, competing with 1.8 liter and even 2.0 liter models, then it might stand a chance of selling in some numbers.

Inside the new Honda Civic

Civic dials

Recently the compact sedan segment has started to hot up in Thailand after going through a particularly boring spell. The Mazda 3 and Ford Focus are helping to liven things up a bit, offering youthful styling and hatchback versions. Although the Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic are big sellers they are starting to appear dated.

Honda is soon to release the all-new 2006 Civic to the Thai market, and judging by these photos it's a big improvement over the current model, on the inside at least!

Facelift for Honda Accord on the way?

2006 Accord

Honda's City and Toyota's Soluna Vios have been updated with minor revisions recently. The Honda CR-V has also seen a minor update lately, and it seems likely that the Accord is soon to get the minor-revision treatment as the current model is well past mid-life.

There are two versions of the Honda Accord Sedan one available in America and Asia, and the European version (known outside Europe as the Accord Euro, and also available in Japan). Thailand shares the American body style for the Accord, so it's likely that any updates to the US version will find their way to Thailand as a result.

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