2009 Honda City Chalks Up 4,500 Sales in 2 Weeks

Honda Thailand should be very satisfied with how well received the new 2009 Honda City has been. With over 4,500 units sold in the first 2 weeks on the market, this City is proving to be very popular.

Predictably, the V and SV models are the bigger sellers, with 80% of sales distributed between these higher spec models, and the S taking up the other 20%. So, some people can still do without airbags, ABS, EBD and BA.

Honda had prepared around 4,000 units in time for the launch, but don't see any difficulty in delivering the additional 500 sales on time.

2009 Honda City - Test Drive Report

Honda finally sorted out their insurance and let me have a go in the new 2009 Honda City. The test drive run was a short one, less than 5 km, but long enough to get a feel for the car.

As always, this sort of test drive report is in no way a substitute for your own test drive experience. That said, here are my thoughts having driven the City, including a comparison to its closest rival..... The Vi.... I mean the Jazz.

2009 Honda City First Impressions

This is a quick report on my first experience with the all-new 2009 Honda City. I will have to wait until next week to actually drive the car, just as all other ordinary people in Thailand who are looking forward to their test drive, but I have had a chance to look at the new City up close, get behind the wheel and push, pull, wiggle, open, close, and slam, everything that could be pushed, pulled, wiggled, opened, closed or slammed.

2009 Honda City rear image

So, I'd like to share some notable observations with you.

2009 Honda City - Thailand Launch Press Release

If you check through the news postings for the last few weeks, you'll find that more than a fair share of them are relating to the 2009 Honda City. This is partly because there is virtually nothing else interesting happening in the Thai motoring industry right now. But the fact still remains that the City is a massively-important car for Honda.

2009 Honda City Image

2009 Honda City Launched

The all-new 2009 Honda City has been launched in Thailand. So far there is nothing different about the Honda Thailand website, although the Teaser Page for the city has stopped counting down.

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2009 Honda City - Teaser Video

2009 Honda City Teaser Image

Honda are building up for the Thai launch of the all-new 2009 Honda City with a teaser video available through their City micro-site.

The video details a launch event between 12th and 14th September at Siam Paragon, although the official launch is still set for 10th September.

According to Honda Thailand, this will also be the world debut for the new City.

Click to view the video.

2009 Honda City - Detailed Preview

Updated : New images added.

The 2009 Honda City is one of the most talked about cars in Asia right now. With high global oil prices, the appeal of small cars is obvious.

Honda City Image

The Honda City looks set to capture a large chunk of the small sedan market in this part of the world, and with just a couple of weeks left before the launch, there is still some mystery about the details of the car.

Let's have a look at what is known, or can be assumed about the new car, and try to fill in the blanks with some educated guesses. Hopefully we'll get close to reality.

2009 Honda City Thailand Specifications

Details on the 2009 Honda City are still hard to come by with just weeks left before the official unveil. Honda sales people are being very secretive, but gradually the pieces are starting to fall together. More credible images are starting to appear, and now the specification is starting to look sensible too.

2009 Honda City Image

More details on 2009 Honda City - Due this month?

Updated (17-8-08) : Image added
According to Yuatyan automotive newspaper, we could be seeing the new 2009 Honda City as early as the end of August. Honda is hoping that it will boost up their sales in the last quarter of 2008.

Honda City Image

2009 Honda City in September - Details

Thailand is due to see the 2009 Honda City by the middle of next month! Honda will unveil the 2009 City as early as mid-September. The car will be based on the new Jazz platform, in the same way the current City shares the previous generation Jazz platform.

2009 Honda City image

Honda Price Rise

The 2nd generation Honda Jazz has been selling very well in Thailand since its launch earlier this year. Perhaps too well, and although the Honda Thailand website still shows the same pricing on the Jazz since the launch, dealer price lists tell a different story. The price of the Jazz has crept up by THB 10,000 across the board.

5th Generation Honda City : Spied in India

City Front

Apparently, the 2009 Honda City has been scooped testing in India. If these images are representative of the new fifth generation City, then it is a big departure from the current model.

The scooped images give us a pretty decent idea of what we can expect when the 2009 City reaches Thailand later this year.

The fourth generation City - currently on sale in Thailand - is based on the 1st gen Jazz platform, and shares many parts of the Jazz, including doors, door mirrors, interior trim.

Honda Civic Cut in Half - Accident

These pictures of a 2005-2008 model Honda Civic are being circulated via email forwards. The car appears to have been cut in half. Noice in the image of the front section of the car, you can see the rear section of the car resting about 20-30 metres away.

Crashed Honda Civic Image

Honda to Rejoin Thai MPV market with "Freed"?

Honda Freed Image

Honda is likely to rejoin the MPV market in Thailand with a all-new model: the Freed. Just launched in Japan, the Freed is rumoured to be on the way to Thailand as early as this year.

Honda Freed Rear Seat Up

Honda Freed Rear Seat Up

Rear seats can be hung up to allow for useable load space in the rear.

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