Ford Everest Concept 2014

Ford has used the 2014 Bangkok Motor Show to show off the new Ford Everest Concept in the ASEAN region. The SUV is built on the Ranger platform.

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2014 Ford Everest Concept

Ford Ranger XLT Problem

The owner of this Ford Ranger XLT has made a few modifications to the vehicle. For one thing, he has added a nice set of alloy rims, and attempted to ape the look of the Wildtrack with some additions to the cargo bed. But there is one other alteration that has been made to the truck which is more than a little strange. Can you spot it?

Ford Ranger XLT Problem Image

Bangkok International Motor Show 2013 : Ford

The 34th Bangkok International Motor Show is currently on, and we will be sharing some of the highlights over the next few days. We'll begin by taking a look at what Ford has on show.

Motor Show 2013 Image

Ford Ecosport 2013 - Silver - Front - Live Picture Ford Ecosport 2013 - Silver - Side - Live Picture

2012 Ford Ranger Wildtrak Promotional Video

Thailand still awaits the arrival of the all new 2012 Ford Ranger. While we wait, we can get used to the new design, since it has already been unveiled. The following video gives a flavour of the Wildtrak version, and I think you'll agree that it's tasty.

2012 Ford Wildtrak Image

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Which takes your fancy:

* 2012 Mazda BT-50\n* 2012 Ford Ranger\n* They're both nice\n* I don't like either\n

All New Ford Ranger for 2012 and Mazda BT-50

New Ford Ranger

Ford has taken the wraps off its all-new 2012 Ranger at the Australian International Motor Show. The truck was developed at Ford's facility in Melbourne, Australia, and shares its platform with the all-new Mazda BT-50. Both models should be arriving in Thailand next year, and both will be built at the Ford/Mazda facility in Rayong, Thailand.

For this post I'm going to focus on the details for the Ford Ranger, and although the BT-50 will most likely have a few unique tricks, the majority of details are shared between the two sisters. Just to take a moment to comment on the obvious difference between the two, which is in the looks department. Ford's new Ranger is handsome looking and has stuck to a tried and tested truck look which clearly doesn't take any chances. With the BT-50, Mazda have clearly taken a few chances, and the result is something you will probably either love or hate it. I know I have no love for it at all!

2008 Thai Motor Expo Sales Numbers

Sales at this years Thai Motor Expo were actually pretty reasonable considering the current political and economic difficulties that Thailand is facing. Approximately 14,000 cars were ordered at the Expo which was attended by around 1.5 million visitors.

There are no surprises at the top of the sales table, with Toyota and Honda leading the pack with 4,193 and 2,552 bookings respectively. Business as usual really! Third place went to Isuzu with 1,760, which might seem like a big gap until you remember that they only sell trucks and truck derived SUVs.

Ford Ranger - 2 Star Euro NCAP

Thai-built pickup trucks continue to take a beating in the Euro NCAP. The Ford Ranger was the latest to be subjected to NCAP safety tests in Europe, and the restuts are not pretty.

Ford Ranger Image

Peugeot 207 Spider 1

Peugeot 207 Spider 1

Mitsuoka 4

Mitsuoka 4


Mitsuoka 3

Mitsuoka 3

Take a Nissan and make it ugly.

Mitsuoka 2

Mitsuoka 2

What were they thinking?

Mitsuoka 1

Mitsuoka 1

Ugly car!

Mitsubishi iEV 4

Mitsubishi iEV 4

Mitsubishi iEV 3

Mitsubishi iEV 3

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