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Drunken Bus Driving Rampage Ends In Mob Murder

A 19-year-old lad gets drunk, and early in the moring decides to take a bus for a drunken joy ride in Bangkok. He crashes into approximately 10 vheicles thereby attracting the rage of an angry mob. When he attempts to leave the bus he is beaten, kicked and stabbed to death by the mob.

View the article here: Bangkok Post Article

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Drunk Teen Kills 4 in Crash.... gets off easy because he suffers from affluenza!

All too often in Thailand, rich young people seem to find ways to walk away from justice following horrific road "accidents". But is this limited to the rich in Thailand?

19 Killed, 22 Injured in Saraburi bus crash and fire

Reports of yet more tragic road deaths in Thailand indicate that at least 19 people have died and 22 others were injured in a collision between a 18-wheel truck and a Bangkok-Roi Et bus.

Police Defend Red-Bull Heir

On 3rd September, 2012 a tragic accident happened on Sukhumvit Road. When the story broke, I remember feeling sick to my stomach as I read the gruesome details of what took place. But now I feel even more sickened by the recent turn of events.

Red Bull Heir Car Image

Red Bull Heir Car Image

Cost of First Car Policy

To some, the new car scheme might seem like a great thing. To others, the scheme might have provided too sweet a deal to pass up. At the end of the day.... there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Rage Against 'Rich Law Breaker'

Another rich and well connected Thai man has gotten himself involved in a road traffic 'accident'. And, naturally he has then attempted to use his status to avoid having to man up.

Another Killer Premium Brand Car Strikes

Charn Thaiphadungpong, 57, dropped his nephew off at Temrak Suksa School in Nonthaburi. Then he had some problem with his car, and as a result of this problem he lost control of the car in the school campus and ran the car into a group of 20 sixth-grade students, killing one and injuring 6 others, two of them seriously.

How did this happen?

Selfish Drivers in Thailand - Parking

Driving in Bangkok can be extremely stressful. Keeping a cool head, while contending with what can accurately be described as deplorable driving conditions, is not easy. But reaching your destination without incident is only half the battle. Now you have to find a parking space.

Jazzy Parking Image

Auto Tax Reforms Concern Industry

Proposed changes to vehicle tax rates to be based on CO2 emissions are being met with some degree of reservation by the Thai auto industry, ever keen to hammer out the best possible deal.

Will the squeaky wheel get the kick or the oil? Who's crying like the biggest baby? Read on...

Porsche Cuts 17 Year Old in Two - Video of Car

A video of a Thai language news report covering the aftermath of the horrific 'accident' is on youtube. During the report, there is some dialogue with the Thai Police Officer responsible for the case. He makes some telling statements, and in light of what we know now, it's clear that he was deliberately misleading.

Porsche Cuts 17 Year Old in Two - Driver at large

I don't really know where to start with this story, but it must be told and told and shared and there must be justice. Let everyone know and don't let up.

Let's start with the facts, and take it from there. A 17-year-old girl has been killed after she was hit by a Porsche Cayman.

It gets worse: The driver must have been speeding, because the impact broke the young woman into two pieces.

It gets worse: The driver the proceeded to flee the scene of the accident and continued for 10km before parking the car and abandoning it outside a restaurant.

It gets worse: read on and prepare to get really angry!

Story has been updated. See updates at the base of the article after the jump.

Bangkok Post Reviews Lotus Evora in Thailand

Lotus Evora

The Bangkok Post has a video posted on their site of the Lotus Evora on Thai roads. The Evora is probably the coolest Lotus in the last 10 years.

Although all the "reviewer" does is confirm that it is a Lotus, and that the steering wheel, and other aspects of the car are "well... very Lotus", I'm posting this because I love the noise this Toyota V6 makes, when they eventually allow us to listen to it towards the end of the "review".

Massive Don Muang Toll Hike Hard to Accept

Am I the only one who remembers when the toll on the Don Muang Tollway rose from 40 to 55 baht? If memory serves, this was a reasonably gradual increase over time, 5 baht here, 10 baht there. Now, the increase is simply impossible to understand. How can a 30 baht price hike be justified?

Red Light Camera Locations in Bangkok

An email forward has been circulating for a while now, that outlines the locations of the intersection cameras designed to capture images of cars running red lights in Bangkok. Although many criticise governments for using speed cameras, I am less critical of this measure, as there should never be a good reason to run a red light. This practise results in many needless accidents and deaths in Thailand.

Hopefully this measure will prevent some deaths. Please don't ever be tempted to run the red light.

Proton Gen 2 CNG Speeding

I was researching for a Proton related story when I stumbled upon this video that I would like to share.

The video that follows is one of a guy speeding in a Gen 2 on a Thai highway. He tops out just short of 180 km/h. Why am I putting this video up? Well we all know that a Gen 2 can go at 180 km/h, so it's not about that. And it's not because he crashes at the end either.

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