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We tweet or twit or whatever!

As well as subscribing to bkkAutos with your RSS reader, bookmarking in your browser, or just remembering the URL and visiting now and then, bkkAutos.com has finally joined Twitter. You can now follow us by clicking the "Follow" button at the bottom of the page, or by visiting our twitter page. Thanks.

Server issues

If you've been experiencing problems accessing bkkautos.com in the last few days, this was most likely due to hosting issues. We have upgraded our hosing to provide extra bandwidth, and there were a few issues during the update. Hopefully everything is sorted now. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Stay tuned for some reports from the 2008 Bangkok International Motor Show.

Site down and up

Our web hosting partners are doing some maintenance stuff this weekend and the site has been down a number of times. Hopefully this will all be ironed out soon. Sorry for any inconvenience.

YouTube blocked!

For those of you visiting this site from within Thailand, you might have noticed that there are large gaps in the text in some articles. These gaps are supposed to be home to embedded videos from YouTube, which are now missing due to the Thai government's decision to block YouTube.

bkkAutos.com visitors from outside Thailand should be unaffected, so we have chosen to leave the videos up for now. However, if the situation doesn't change, then we will find another way of providing the videos. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Server Problems

Over the last few days the site has been down many times. This is due to problems with the server the site is hosted on. Hopefully these issues have been resolved. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Welcome to bkkAutos.com

bkkAutos.com is a new site dedicated to car enthusiasts in Thailand, but also open to car enthusiasts everywhere. Registration is free, and after registering you will be able to post on our discussion forum, and comment on articles on our site. As a member you will also receive your own free weblog! In the future we will be updating the site with regular news, articles, and information. We also welcome contributions from the community of members.

We hope you enjoy the site.

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