Porsche Cuts 17 Year Old in Two - Driver at large

I don't really know where to start with this story, but it must be told and told and shared and there must be justice. Let everyone know and don't let up.

Let's start with the facts, and take it from there. A 17-year-old girl has been killed, when she was hit by a Porsche Cayman.

It gets worse: The driver must have been speeding, because the impact broke the young woman into two pieces.

It gets worse: The driver the proceeded to flee the scene of the accident and continued for 10km before parking the car and abandoning it outside a restaurant.

It gets worse: For those 10 km, the driver of the Porsche Cayman knew that he had killed the girl. He knew this because part of her body (her torso) burst through the windscreen of the Porsche and landed in his lap.

But it gets even worse!

And here is where the story gets to the point where if you didn't already know it, you will now instantly know that this horrific chain of events could only happen in Thailand! You see, the owner of this brand new Porsche, a 58-year-old man called Suppachai Thaksinthaweesap, has asked the police for a "postponement of the date that he can bring the driver in."

The reason for this delay in the driver coming forward:

"Mr Suppachai told police the driver would surrender to police after he returns from a trip to pay homage to his ancestors during the Cheng Meng festival.

Police said they did not know the relationship between Mr Suppachai and the driver of the Porsche."

So, if we are to believe that Suppachi Thaksinthaweesap is not a liar, and believe that he didn't drive the car, then what he is saying is that he thinks that it's okay for the driver, who remains unnamed and at large following this crime, to take part in a festival before he gets around to going to the police following an fatal car "accident".

I find it hard to write this without feeling enraged.

Remarkably, at the time of writing Suppachi Thaksinthaweesap is walking free. As is the driver of his car, a man/woman who he is aiding in evading the police. The police stated that they didn't know the relationship between Mr. Suppachi Taksinthaweesap and the driver of the car. Did they not ask? Did they not ask for the name? Does he not know?

It gets worse!!!!!!

According to the Bangkok Post, the family of the girl will be entitled to 200,000 baht from the owner of the car. His new Cayman, a car that goes for between 6.4 and 10.2 million baht in Thailand, cuts a girl in half, and he is only expected to pay out 200,000 baht! Disgusting!

But the most disgusting thing is that this is not the first time, and it won't be the last time we will witness this sort of thing in Thailand. The country is corrupt to the core. If you are rich, or well connected (same thing in Thailand) you have almost free licence to do whatever you please. Police in Thailand are easily bribed and even without bribes, they are gutless and will not stand up to these rich elites.

But even worse is that nobody in Thai society seems to care to stand up to this sort of thing. The Bangkok Post ends the article by pointing out that three months ago a 16 year-old girl killed 9 people when she crashed into a van! What are they suggesting exactly? Are they trying to balance things and remind us that little girls kill too? Are they suggesting that it's been three months since there has been an accident as tragic? Ridiculous.

Please take the time to read the Bangkok Post report on this.

The Nation also ran the story.

According to the nation Mr. Suppachi Taksinthaweesap was summonsed but refused to meet with police.

Update : There are rumours that a 19-year-old has turned himself in 2 days after the incident, calming that he "didn't see" the girl.

Update : The rumours are confirmed, and the Bangkok Post has run this follow up story.

Naturally, Mr. Peerapol Thaksinthaweesap, the 19-year-old son of Mr. Suppachi Taksinthaweesap claims that he didn't intend to kill the girl, flee the scene of the tragic accident, and then abandon the car and hop a taxi, leaving her body in pieces some 10km apart.

It seems the police believe him, and he's been released, despite admitting that he was driving in excess of the speed limits. He said he was doing around 120km/h. The family has said that they will take responsibility for the death of the girl. No doubt 200,000 baht is chump change for the Thaksinthaweesap family.

Update : Video of Thai news report on this story
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