Not only in Thailand - Motorcycle Crashes into Illegally Parked Car

Many guests in Thailand seem to be guilty of a common misconception. This is evidenced by the overuse of phrases like "Only In Thailand" as a meta-tag to life here, most usually to accompany tragic accidents, or the latest corruption case, or whatever it may be.

The reality is that many of these kinds of tragic accidents are not confined to Thailand. Take this motorcycle accident as an example.

This accident took place in South Korea. In this case we have multiple traffic violations conspiring together with the unfortunate end result being captured by a parked car involved in the accident.

1. Illegally parked car?
2. Motorbike driving dangerously?
3. No helmets for either the driver or the passenger of the motorbike?
4. Other cars doing random stuff including driving across two lanes, and not signalling?

The end result is that the female passenger of the motor bike gets slung over the roof of the car, and finds herself on the road in front of the car. It would appear that she was fortunate not to suffer major injuries. The rider seemed to go to the left of the car (the rear view camera is mirrored).

And this was NOT in Thailand.