Car Key Hidden Camera With Audio

The car key hidden camera with audio is one of the best examples of covert surveillance equipment. It's small and light enough to be carried just about anywhere and ordinary enough to blend with other stuff in your purse or pocket. Even better, it allows you to record images in secret. Handy and functional, this hidden camera with audio can be an excellent addition to your arsenal of surveillance gadgets. Learn how to use it properly with these tips:

It's as easy as 1-2-shoot.

A car key hidden camera is probably the easiest hidden camera to use. It's so ordinary and commonplace that no one would suspect you're actually taking photos or footages with it. Carry it in your hands or dangling from your purse or belt, depending on the angle you wish to take. The buttons to start recording are found on the surface so you only have to press the record button to begin taking pictures.

You don't even have to explain what you're doing. To a casual observer, you'll only look like you're playing or fidgeting with your car key and no one ever has to know what you're actually doing with it.

Mind the audio.

Because the car key hidden camera can take footages with audio, you must be careful about positioning it to ensure that you get the best reception that you can. Remember that the mini microphone it's equipped with is not sophisticated enough to drown out unnecessary background noise. Remember, too that what the human ear hears will not be the exact same sounds that a gadget like a mini hidden camera will broadcast. The nearer you are to the source, the better audio you will get.

Understand its limitations.

Easily some of the most common limitations with mini surveillance cameras such as the car key are its power, memory and range. If you have been using this camera for some time, check if the power is still sufficient for more shots or footage. Otherwise, simply recharge the batteries so they're ready to shoot any time.

Memory is also a consideration with small hidden cameras. Don't buy a car key hidden camera and expect to take endless hours of footage. To give you an idea of how much footage you can expect, an 8GB car key camera can store a maximum of 3 hours of video.

Be aware of the car key camera's effective range as well. Because of its relative size, it's usually effective only up to a few meters. If you're taking footage of an activity that is farther away, don't expect the same quality of audio you would get if it were just a few feet away from you.

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