Buying a Car Alarm System

A car is a very expensive mode of transportation. It usually takes years to own one. For many, it takes many years of hard work to save up and buy a car. Having your own means of transportation is quite a necessity nowadays since commuting to places may be difficult and dangerous, according to home security systems.

The idea of having a car is very inviting to many people. It is not only very useful, but for many of us, it is also a status symbol. It tells a lot about a person to have his own car. And this is why cars are one of the hottest items for thieves. They either steal cars for personal use or they resell it a lower than market value price. This takes advantage of the many people who want to own cars but cannot afford to buy a brand new unit.

With rampant car thievery today around the globe, the car alarm systems have become so popular to deter thieves from trying to steal their valuable possession while parked in public places or even in their own garages. After all, a thief will even invade the privacy of homes just to steal valuable items.

Basically, a car alarm is any electronic device installed in a car that discourages thieves from stealing it. Almost all car alarms work in the same way. It has sensors that can detect unwanted invasion. If these sensors are triggered, it sounds off loudly to scare a thief and attract attention from people nearby.

Car alarms give security to car owners. Once they alight from their cars and go somewhere, they activate the alarm to give them a peace of mind, knowing that if someone tries to go near their car, the alarm will sound and scare him away.

It is always good to know the basics of car alarms when you intend to have one installed in your car. The basic parts are motion sensors, glass-break sensors, priority lock and remote outputs.

Motion sensors let you leave the windows open which is very good in protecting your cargoes. Whenever someone invades your space, the motion sensors will automatically alarm.

Glass-break sensors detect windows that are about to break, and will sound the alarm. This kind of sensor is very useful because most often than not, a thief's first instinct is to break glass windows to unlock the door.

Priority lock lets the driver control conveniently all locks at his side. In just a push of a button, all the doors will lock at the same time. This is very useful especially if there are passengers who are unmindful of forgetful in locking doors after going down the car.

There are other features that may be more suitable to individual needs. The alarm auto shut feature automatically locks a car after a predetermined time. Thus, even if you forget to lock, it will automatically lock for you after a given set time.

There is also a starter disable system. Thefts may not be able to start a car they are trying to steal.

Other features are a car alarm with hood and trunk protection. Some has the option to silence or disarm the security at anytime. Others are equipped with an adjustable shock sensor.

In general, choose a car alarm system that works well in the conditions you live in.