Chiptuning increases your engines horsepower & torque and you will feel like you own a new car with a much stronger engine

More motoring fun–optimal fuel consumption–Kind to engines

Chip tuning and the latest generation of add-on Electronic-control units

Safe and legal: only with TÜV (GB equivalent: MOT) part-certification
MOT parts certification at no extra cost, so that you’re safely on your way
In many countries, as in Germany, it is necessary to register chip tuning with the relevant authority (e.g. GB: for the purposes of a MOT test). We can offer you MOT parts certification for most of our tuning sets that is both convenient and acceptable for all vehicle servicing and registration procedures. Only MOT parts certification allows for the legal use of your tuning system as well as the receipt of necessary insurance cover. And the best news: We provide this certification at no extra cost!
Our certificates are all accredited by the Department for Vehicle Transport and valid for unqualified use in Germany and Austria. They are accepted at every vehicle testing point.

The new add-on electronic control units –intelligent technology for your vehicle
Multi ignition-map technology that ensures maximum performance at minimal level
Handling ease that only an add-on electronic control unit can provide and yet a driving performance so individual it as though the original control unit software has been completely changed. Using multi ignition-map technology, this is exactly what the latest generation of add-on electronic control units are providing. Four to eight ignition maps are placed in the memory for the first time that then go into action according to your required driving performance. This means the optimal matching of all control parameters at every level of performance. This is possible through the use of high performance processors that facilitate the detailed real-time scanning of the ignition maps without influencing the internal protection functions.

Optimal matching without the need for adjustment work - but how does it work?
A further novelty is the ability of the systems to adapt to the individual characteristics of your vehicle. Over a short running-in period, the memory function detects the individual data for the differing fuel injection cycles. The information gained in this way provides the basis for the optimization. The tolerances are then balanced and an optimal result is achieved with every vehicle - without having to make any time consuming adjustments by hand.
Fuel savings as a useful extra effect
An enhanced ignition map leads to raised levels of efficiency, which in turn leads to reduced fuel consumption. The increase in torque facilitates a driving performance that requires fewer revs per minute, therefore significantly lowering levels of fuel consumption. According to driving performance, savings of fuel consumption of between 10% and 20% are possible, meaning that your tuning pays off very quickly.

Tuning also suitable for diesel particle filter vehicles
A further advantage of the new add-on electronic control units with multi ignition-map technology is their compliance with vehicle emissions standards. Through enhanced burning in all areas of vehicle performance, the fuel is 100% efficiently used, with soot and smoke being things of the past. Because of this, unrestricted installation of the modules is also possible in vehicles with diesel particle filter engines. Compliance with emissions standards is certified through the vehicle specific MOT certification. Also refer to MOT

Superior levels of performance - but safe

Superior levels of performance
Guaranteeing the safety of our products is our number one priority. The development and improvement of our products is only carried out on new motor vehicles and all data concerning software modification is ascertained through extensive testing. We only sell programmes that have been thoroughly tested and that have proved their day-to-day usability and engine compatibility in an extensive series of tests. Our philosophy is of a healthy tuning that utilizes all possible engine limits. It isn’t our goal to achieve the doable maximum, but the wear-free optimum.
Proven Quality

DTE Systems is ISO 9001 certified according to article 19 (3) of the German Road Vehicle Registration Regulations (StVZO). Scope of legal validity: vehicle engine tuning and chip tuning.

All protective functions of the engine steering unit as well as electronic error diagnosis on inspection remain guaranteed, and legally specified emissions values, adhered to. It is only in this way that we are able to supply MOT parts certification with most of our tuning kits. Also see MOT

Guaranteed engine safety – and at no extra cost
If you purchase a tuning set, you will automatically receive a certificate of guarantee.
As a performance guarantee with the tuning sets, you receive a free product exchange service valid for two years

An all-inclusive package
All of our tuning systems come as complete sets. Along with the power electronics pack, our packages comprise of vehicle specific adaptor cable, installation instructions manual, product guarantee certificate, MOT parts certification (as long as available for vehicle type) and a splash-guard bag as an additional protection against fluids.

Retro-fitting always possible
It goes without saying that retro-fitting is as unproblematic as installation and can easily be carried out by hand. After removal of the tuning system, the vehicle returns to its production state again and tuning is no longer detectable.

Our company

Company history
1996: Establishment of DTE Systems GmbH in Recklinghausen, Germany. Europe wide expansion with bases in Italy, the Netherlands, England, Switzerland, Belgium, Turkey, Norway and Thailand. 2003: Relocation of company head offices and merging of development and production departments at the Ortloh business park, Recklinghausen, Germany with 14 employees at present. Focused know-how, competence, and a wealth of experience that enable us to set industry standards with innovative technology.

Our Mission
To be no. 1 in quality and service! You can expect only the best for your vehicle. Reliability and day-to-day use suitability at the highest technological level. High quality components such as heat resistant aluminium casings, high performance CPUs that enable real time computation and direct plug connections with original equipment manufacturer quality… a few examples of our quality product range.

Our Task
Your satisfaction! From the initial consultation, to your ideal choice of tuning variant, to the installation (at our workshop or your home location), to MOT certified parts and comprehensive product guarantees. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

Quality management
In 2003 (and in 2006 through the Austrian Technical Inspection Agency) an audit was carried out through RWTÜV Systems GmbH according to the guidelines of the ISO 9001 regulation. This verification provides the basis for which we are able to provide MOT parts certification for our tuning systems in Germany and certain other countries. With the introduction of the quality management system, our business philosophy in the areas of quality, safety and service was further strengthened.

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