Spyker to join Thai market

Spyker C8

Dutch supercar maker Spyker is set to unleash it's offerings on the Thai public. SL International Automobiles CO plans to import three Spyker models: the C8 Spider, C8 Laviolette and the C8 Double 12S, costing THB 28m, THB 32m, and THB 37m respectively.

The C8 Laviolette is to be introduced in Bangkok tomorrow at the Gaysorn shopping center, but all three cars will be on show at the Bangkok International Motor Expo.

Spyker cars are hand-built in Holland, and if you have a spare 30 million burning a hole in your pocket you will be waiting 1/2 a year for production and delivery of your new wheels.

If you have not seen or heard of Spyker before you should check out their website: www.spykercars.com