Thailand gets "old" Sonata?

Hyundai recently launched three models in Thailand, the Sonata being one of them. Now, it seems that the Thai Sonata is already an "old model" as a 2009 facelift is already being unleashed in Korea. It seems a little odd that Hyundai would choose to launch in Thailand with a car that was so close to being updated.

The ad below is a pretty decent effort by the Korean auto giant, and although the exterior changes are mostly minor, the interior gets a major overhaul, which vastly improves upon the current model's rather 1990's looking styling. Seems that the engines get a power boost too.

When this update will reach Thailand is uncertain, but it can't be all that far off if Hyundai wish to keep pace in what is a very strong segment. So, the current Sonata doesn't look like such a good buy in light of this, but it is still excellent value with the 5 year unlimited kilometre warranty.