Chinese Death Traps

The Chinese auto industry is growing fast. So far the strategy for the Chinese automakers has been to use existing designs from other manufacturers to save in development costs. The Jiangling Landwind is an example of this, making use of an old Isuzu Rodeo design from 1991-1998.

In the next few years we can expect Chinese cars to start entering the Thai market, indeed we can expect to see the first evidence of this at the upcoming Thailand International Motor Show next month. These cars will appear to be attractive options with very low pricing, but consider this:

Okay, this is a bit unfair perhaps, since the Landwind is based on old safety technology. How do other Chinese cars stand up to NCAP treatment?

This one is equally horrific! The Brilliance BS6 is a 2007 model, also on sale in Europe, and so, has been subjected to the NCAP tests.

Okay, just one more; this is the Chery Amulet:

These crashes are at 64 km/h. So it's not hard to imagine the crushing death you'll suffer if you have a head on at 32 km/h with another car doing 32 km/h. Try driving at 32 km/h and think about it.

In case you are still in any doubt here is one more crash test video, this time a car that can offer some protection to the driver:

Same speed, but this time the driver would probably be able to open the door (since it is still intact), and walk away from a 64 km/h head-on smash.

Now if only the Chinese could copy the safety features. I'd love a THB500,000 Brilliance S80, if it crashed like a Volvo.