Facelift for Honda Accord on the way?

2006 Accord

Honda's City and Toyota's Soluna Vios have been updated with minor revisions recently. The Honda CR-V has also seen a minor update lately, and it seems likely that the Accord is soon to get the minor-revision treatment as the current model is well past mid-life.

There are two versions of the Honda Accord Sedan one available in America and Asia, and the European version (known outside Europe as the Accord Euro, and also available in Japan). Thailand shares the American body style for the Accord, so it's likely that any updates to the US version will find their way to Thailand as a result.

The pictures below show the current Thai version beside the American 2006 version. From them you can see the obvious changes to the face of Honda Accord, with it's new wider grill. Although the changes at the front are subtle the rear of the new Accord is virtually unrecognizable . The new back lights are now triangular, more in keeping with the sharp front lights than those of the current model. There is a new array of LED lamps in the center of the boot, and the rear bumper has also been redesigned to fit in with the updated light clusters.

Current Accord 2006 Accord
Current Front 2006 Front
Current Back 2006 Back

Apart from the exterior cosmetic changes we could also expect some minor revisions both to the interior and to the engines. The US revision includes new trim options, improved lightweight sound damping materials, new steering wheel designs, etc.


The 2.4 liter engine will go from 160HP to 166HP, and the 3 liter V6 will benefit from a 4HP increase taking it's output to 244HP, thanks to modifications to the air intake and exhaust systems. The 2.4 is also upgraded to include drive-by-wire technology, already present on the current V6 model.

The updates are quite substantial for a "minor" update, but they have to be. The all-new Accord is not due until 2008, and in the meantime Toyota will release a brand new Camry to the Thai market.

We hope to see the new 2006 Accord in Thailand in the next few months.