Beat the traffic jams.... with a flying car!

Moller International. Ever heard of them?

"Take the most technologically advanced automobile, the Ferrari, Porsche, Maserati, Lamborgini, or the more affordable Acura, Accord, or the like. It seems like all of the manufacturers of these cars are touting the new and greatly improved "aerodynamics" of their cars. Those in the aerospace industry have been dealing with aerodynamics from the start. In the auto industry they boast of aerodynamics, performance tuned wide track suspensions, electronic ignition and fuel injection systems, computer controllers, and the list goes on. What good does all this "advanced engineering" do for you when the speed limit is around 60 MPH and you are stuck on crowded freeways anyway?"

Good point, wouldn't you agree? We get all excited about how fast and exciting cars are to drive, and then we spend most of the time stuck in traffic. And when we are not stuck in traffic we can't legally make use of the "performance" of our cars. Even the most modest of cars are capable of exceeding the 120km/h expressway speed limits in Thailand. So why bother getting a "fast" car?

Well.. how about if you could get a car that can cruse at 560km/h.... legally. The quote above is from the the Moller website as part of their product description for the Skycar: A VTOL (vertical take off and landing) vehicle that the company says is "an interim step on our evolutionary path to independence from gravity. "

At around US$1,000,000 each, the Skycar does not offer a plausible Bangkok's traffic problems, and I think most of us will have to content ourselves with the Skytrain, but it's a cool... err... car... plane... thing.