Toyota Fortuner exhaust problems? - Toyota says "No"


Toyota Motor Thailand have carried out a "careful inspection" of Fortuners in production to investigate a customer complaint, claiming that exhaust gases were entering the cabin near the rear seats.

Unsurprisingly the results of the investigation reveal that the customer is wrong. The patch of black soot that developed in the interior of the car has been explained away by company officials as "normal dust from the air circulation system."

Although Toyota didn't inspect the car in question, careful testing of production Fortuners found the carbon-monoxide and dust levels in the cabin to be "much lower than the regulations demand," according to executive vice president Vudhigorn Suriyachanthananant.

Now, while I'm sure that there is nothing to worry about, the question is: why don't I find any reassurance in a motor company doing internal testing and giving itself a clean bill of health?

According to the source article, Mr Suriyachanthananant has welcomed any Fortuner owner - concerned about the problem - to make an appointment with an authorized Toyota service center for a free inspection. But, you can expect such an inspection to find that the carbon-monoxide and dust levels are "much lower than the regulations demand!"

Source: Yuadyarn