Totoya recalls 530,000 vehicles in the US

Toyota Tundra Small

Toyota's reputation for producing cars with "bulletproof" reliability has been tarnished yet again as the company has been forced to recall around 530,000 vehicles from the Tundra pickup truck and the Sequoia SUV range.

Apparently the Toyota is to replace steering joints in the vehicles, which have been wearing away too quickly, which has resulted in 11 accidents due to difficulties handling the vehicles once the fault occurs.

Toyota seems to be having major quality problems with its US manufactured vehicles, with this recall coming less than 2 years after the company recalled 800,000 US vehicles (including Tundra and Sequoia models) due to suspension problems.

And then there was the Asian recall of over 1.4 million cars in October 2005 due to headlight problems.

Despite these issues Toyota looks set to overtake GM as the world's number one auto maker later this year.

Source : The Independent - For full story