Images surface of 2008 Accord

Honda have been doing a great job keeping the lid on any and all information relating to the 2008 Honda Accord. We do know that it will be coming to Thailand in time for the Motor Expo in November. Anyway, finally some photos of the Accord are starting to surface on the web and we have some idea of the style of the interior.

If you like the Civic interior and were hoping Honda would go down that route for the Accord then you are going to be a little disappointed. Even though the steering wheel, borrows heavily from the design style of the Civic, the Accord aims at a more "serious" market and this means that a more conservative approach has been maintained, in order to avoid putting people off.

2008 Accord Interior

I would argue that Honda have probably gone as far as they can go in one step, without alienating their current customer base.

2008 Accord Interior

Not to say that the Accord interior is at all boring, it's simply not as radical as the two-tier instrument layout of the Civic. Exterior images of the Accord are also doing the rounds, but those are under copyright, and I can't post them here. Look for them on Google Images and you should find images of an equally conservative exterior. It seems that Honda are doing the sensible thing and playing it safe, given the importance of the Accord to the company's balance sheet. Toyota didn't take any chances with the Camry either, I suppose, but it would be nice to see a automaker take us forward in bigger steps!

2008 Accord

But the CR-V...

Ah, yes, the CR-V. Okay I take back everything I said in the last few paragraphs. Yes Honda... play it safe with the Accord. The last time you tried to be a bit radical you failed to pull it off, and went all crazy with the 3rd Generation CR-V.

That said, Honda have rekindled their "sporty" theme with the Jazz, and recent Civic (particularly the hatchback variant that we don't enjoy here in Thailand), and will try to differentiate the Accord from rivals based on chassis dynamics, sporty engine options, and design elements. The interior might not set the motoring world alight, but it is taking the car in a more youthful direction.