Chevrolet Biodiesel Ready, Mercedes-Benz Too

General Motors (GM) Thailand Ltd has announced biodiesel compatibility for all Chevrolet diesel vehicles in Thailand. In effect this means that the diesel version of the Captiva and the Colorado pick-up truck are both capable of using B2 and B5 biodiesel without any problems.

According to a press release from GM Thailand, using the B2 and B5 fuels will not cause any harmful or damaging effects to the engines, and that the engines "will retain both the powerful performance and cost efficiency that owners have come to expect from Chevy diesel powerplants."

According to Stece Carlisle, President of GMs Southeast Asia Operations, and Chevrolet Sales Thailand, GM are committed to biodiesel as an alternative fuel.

Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) Ltd has also released a list of vehicles they confirm for use with B5 Plus biodiesel. I am not sure why such a list is necessary since it seems to cover the entire range of diesel models.

  • A 180 CDI
  • B 180 CDI
  • S 320 CDI L
  • ML 280 CDI
  • R 280 CDI
  • C 220 CDI
  • E 220 CDI
  • Vito 115 CDI

B5 Plus is currently THB 0.50 cheaper than regular diesel.