2008 C-Class brochure shots leaked

2008 C-Class

Update : More images added (18/1/07)

Seems somebody has spilled some pictures of the official C-Class brochure onto the web prior to its official release.

Previously spy shots of a disguised 2008 C-Class were in circulation and suggested that the car was going to look like a mini S-Class. Now it seems that this is absolutely the case, and IMHO the new C-Class is a big improvement on the outgoing model. Actually the smaller dimensions of the C seem to carry the design elements better than the S-Class.

It's a little paradoxical that this segment of the market, which aims at youthful, dynamic executives is perhaps the most conservatively approached by manufacturers. Mercedes are playing it safe again with this C-Class, and BMW did the same with the 3 series.

The Lexus IS and Alfa 159 both show that it is possible to enter this segment with style, but if it must be German, then I suppose the C-Class is the best of the rest.

Mercedes-Benz have started to introduce diesel engine options in every class in Thailand, and the C-Class will also come with diesel engines.

Thailand can expect the C-Class replacement sometime this year.

Source : German Car Zone