2008 Bangkok International Motor Show - Theme

What Thai motor show would be complete without a suitably unmemorable theme, and a piece of badly translated text to try to explain it. This year the theme is "The Environmental Auto Globalization."

What does that mean? I suppose it means that we have yet another environmentally theme to the show. This is from the 29th BAngkok International Motor Show webiste:

Presently, mankind has faced with many environmental problems which we are always heard about it, "Global Warming Crisis". The major cause was built by human's need and consumption which included to vehicle and fuel energy. Hence, we should start protecting our earth and developing balance of living among human, vehicle and nature. Think! environment comes first for the better future.

Enough said!

Any new cars at the show?

Although the show kicks off in March, there is still very little information on what we can expect to see at the show, but for sure the star of the show will be the all-new Honda Jazz. (More details on this soon!)

2008 Honda Fit - Yellow

Proton might also use the show to display a few additional models. Proton are expected to launch the Saga in Thailand this year. The Saga is Proton's new small sedan and is based on the Savvy platform. It would compete in the same market as the Toyota Vios, Honda City and Chevrolet Aveo.

Proton Saga

Toyota have already launched the new Altis, but it will still attract attention for Toyota at the show. Apart from that Toyota are unlikely to have anything new to offer.

We might see some companies previewing Eco-car models, but don't expect too much as we are still over a year away from Eco-car launches.
More news as we get it.