2008 Bangkok International Motor Show : Hyundai Veloster

I promised a report from the 2008 Bangkok International Motor Show, which is currently on at Bitec. Unfortunately with the site problems I haven't been able to share anything until now. Over the next few days I'll post up some photo galleries and stories from the show.

Starting with this. This year's show is impressive in that many companies elected to share concept vehicles with us. One of them being the Hyundai Veloster concept.

This 2+2 coupe is very compact, and although a concept, it is not hard to imagine a production car based on this design. Obviously the interior will not be anything like this cool, but some of the design cues may find their way into future Hyundai Coupe models.

You can find a gallery of the car from the show here.

Other than this concept there was nothing new from Hyundai. The Sonata remains the pre-face-life model, the H1 was on display and getting plenty of attention, as was the Coupe. The Santa Fe, still priced over THB 2.5 million in completely built up form, looks very expensive. Wait a while for the locally produced model which will be about THB 1 million cheaper, and better able to compete.

Hyundai might be new to Thailand, but their model line-up is still looking very thin, and with the Santa Fe being over priced, and the Sonata being an old model, only the H1 really shines, and it is a van!