2007 Honda Stream

Small Stream

The Honda Stream has already been updated to the 2007 model in Japan, and the version currently on sale in Thailand is nearing the end of its life. Although I don't have any official information to go on here, I think that a look at the Japanese model will serve well as a preview of what's in store when the 2007 Stream arrives in Thailand.

Like the soon-to-be-released 2007 CR-V, the Stream is built on the current Civic platform. In-house platform sharing allows Honda to speed up product development cycles. And since there is very little bad that can be said about the new Civic, the new Stream will be resting on a solid platform.

For an MPV the current Stream offers good driving manners, and we can expect the new Stream to be even better. With a lower center of gravity, improved chassis rigidity, and upgrades to engines, steering, and suspension, the new Stream should be the continue to please.

Stream Side


Stream Front
Stream Back

The design of the current Stream never really appealed to me, and when lined up against the Toyota Wish, and even the Chevrolet Zafira it never really looked the part. Even the mid-life face lift it received - although an improvement - failed to lift the Honda above the rest of the pack.

The photos on this site are of the current Japanese Stream. We can reasonably assume that the Thai version will be the same, at least in appearance. Only safety features and technical specifications are likely to be changed on the Thai model.

We have already looked at the new CR-V which is spoiled with the immoderate use of complex and unnecessary design elements. In contrast to the CR-V, the Stream features nice clean lines, and nothing looks out of place. An MPV is never likely to win any awards for beauty but, as an example of the breed, the Steam is by no means ugly.

Honda marketing efforts attempted to present the Stream as a “sporty” MPV, and this new model is believable in that role, at least visually.


In my opinion Honda are currently leading the way in Interior design and quality for each class that they compete in. The quality of materials, switch-gear, and ergonomics will be very good, and we can expect everything to last.

Driver-oriented center console is carried over from the Civic as is the steering wheel and much of the switch-gear. But enough has been done to provide the Stream with an individual style and it is at least as appealing as the Civic.

The seating arrangement is a typical 7-seat, 3-row affair (2-3-2). Interior space has been increased over the current model however, and this will translate into increased comfort for 2nd and 3rd row passengers. Being a modern Honda the seats will fold in all sorts of useful ways. The 3rd row seats fold flat when not in use to increase load capacity and center row seats can fold in a 40/60 split as well as allowing Jazz-style "Magic seat" functionality with the seat cushion flipping up to allow tall items to be loaded.

Stream Interior

One of the features of the Civic platform - which the Stream shares - is a flat floor pan and although this is only really of concern to rear seat passengers, this is of particular value to the Stream. Given that the Stream is a MPV and designed to move 7 passengers in comfort, this design affords the middle passenger in the second row the same legroom as everyone else.


Stream Detail

Expect the Thai stream to come with the 2.0 liter i-VTEC engine directly from the Civic. It is also possible that it could share engines with the CR-V, but the resulting power and performance should be around 150PS for the 2.0 model. It is also possible that the Civic's 1.8 liter SOHC i-VTEC engine, offering 140PS will be on offer on the base model, but that remains to be seen. A five-speed automatic transmission with option for wheel mounted paddle shift likely for top-end models.

Safety features should see improvement across the line. But a question still remains over the addition of curtain airbags. Since the Accord still doesn't offer this feature it seems unlikely that the Stream will either.

Prices will probably start at around THB1.2 million for base specification.


Honda are busy readying the release of the 2007 CR-V right now, so we can probably expect the replacement Stream sometime after the CR-V launch in November. Perhaps an early 2007 launch is likely. We'll be sure to post information as we have it.

Stream Interior