Motor Shows

Let's have the pics!

If anyone has been to the Motor Show, let's have some pics please.

Going to Geneva! You want anything?

Hey Peter (and others),

I have to fly to Geneva next week so I will pop by the Geneva Motor Show on Sunday 18th. Do you guys want me to investigate anything in particular?

I will take my camera so I can bring some pictures back?


F1 Hydroplane at 2006 expo show

Any ifo on Singa F1 Hydroplane at Expo 2006 show please, as my Brother used to race F1 hydro,s and would be very interested in any information, Thanks

23rd Thailand International Motor Expo

The 23rd Thailand International Motor Expo kicks off on 30th November 2006, with the concept "Bionic, there and everywhere."

Apparently inspired by the rising price of oil, and the need for realistic short-term, practical solutions while long-term replacements are developed.

Exactly how closely exhibitors will stick to this theme is yet to be seen.

The event will be running until the 11th December at Impact Muang Thong Thani.

For more information visit the Motor Expo 2006 site.

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