Ford to Make Thailand "Central Hub for ASEAN"

Yet more good news for Thailand's auto sector as Ford announce their plans for growth in the Asian market, and the key role that Thailand will play in their strategy. During a press conference in Thailand Bill Ford Jr., chairman and CEO of America's second-largest auto company stated: "We see that Asia is our next market as all the regions are opening up, and we plan to make Thailand our central hub for ASEAN."

Ford Focus Pricing - Thai Government changes excise rate

When Ford designed the Focus for the Thai market it had a clever plan in mind. Thailand announced a scheme, whereby cars capable of running on E20 fuel, gasohol with a mix of 80% petrol and 20% ethanol, would be eligible for a reduced excise rate of 20%. Since the standard rate is 30% Ford's strategy should have afforded them a price advantage over rivals.

Thai Designer Wins Ford Deal

The Bangkok Post reports:
"Designer Anurak Thangsomboon has linked up with Ford to design a limited-edition T-shirt series to mark the launch of the new Ford Focus in Thailand.

"The deal represents the first time a local designer has worked with a global company on a joint marketing campaign.

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