Totoya recalls 530,000 vehicles in the US

Toyota Tundra Small

Toyota's reputation for producing cars with "bulletproof" reliability has been tarnished yet again as the company has been forced to recall around 530,000 vehicles from the Tundra pickup truck and the Sequoia SUV range.

Apparently the Toyota is to replace steering joints in the vehicles, which have been wearing away too quickly, which has resulted in 11 accidents due to difficulties handling the vehicles once the fault occurs.

Toyota Vios replacement testing in Bangkok - 2007/2008 Vios

Toyota Vios replacement testing in Bangkok - 2007/2008 Vios

This 2007/2008 Vios is only slightly disguised.

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Toyota Vios replacement testing in Bangkok - 2007/2008 Vios Rear

Toyota Vios replacement testing in Bangkok - 2007/2008 Vios Rear

Logos and badges are covered, and rear lights are slightly disquised, but we know what this is.

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Toyota Vios replacement testing in Bangkok - 2007/2008 Vios uncovered

Toyota Vios replacement testing in Bangkok - 2007/2008 Vios uncovered

So there it is, the "VIOS" badge. If you are in the market for a Vios, you might want to wait a few months! Unless you are not keen on the Yaris styling that carries over to the new model.

Personally I think the Yaris has translated into a sedan version much more effectively than the Jazz > City effort. New Vios seems nicely proportioned, and doesn't just look like a Yaris with a boot stuck onto it.

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Toyota Vios replacement testing in Bangkok

The replacement for the Toyota Vios has been spotted in Thailand, and we were correct in assuming that the Japanese Belta was going to be the basis for the car. But that was over a year ago, and we also thought the new model would roll out in 2006! So we didn't get it all right.

Looking very like a Yaris with a boot, the new Vios is likely to share much in common with the 5-door hatchback in addition to the underpinnings, and engine.

Toyota to take law into own hands - drunks can't drive!

Drink driving is a global problem. Despite the best efforts of legislators and education campaigns, otherwise sensible folk still feel it is acceptable to drive while intoxicated. The result is thousands of senseless deaths in Thailand each year.

What do you think of Toyota working on systems to detect if a driver is drunk, to prevent drink driving?

* Good idea, I'm all for it\n* Good idea, but nobody will buy a car with that system\n* Big brother... yadda yadda\n* Bad idea\n

New Year Revelations - Forecast for 2007

Captiva Small

As 2006 draws to a close many people seem interested in reviewing the year that was, but would rather look to the future. Before we get into our 2007 forecast, be aware that these are our predictions and might not be entirely accurate.

Although we can't guarantee anything, the information in this preview might be of some use in identifying models that are approaching end of life.

So without further ado, let's get back to the future and see what 2007 (2550) will bring.

2007 (or 2008) Toyota Corolla Altis


The Corolla Altis is starting to get old here in Thailand, and next to the youthful and stylish Honda Civic it is starting to show it's age. The 9th generation Corolla was a typically conservative offering from Toyota, but practical and well built at the same time.

In Thailand the Altis is always immediately associated with the various coloured Taxi cabs on the streets of Bangkok. This is a fact that puts some people off buying the car for private use, but Toyota probably isn't too worried considering the volume of sales the Taxi fleet represents.

Motor Expo Most Wanted - Toyota FJ Cruiser

FJ Cruiser Small Image

Yesterday we started to take a look at Toyota, and make suggestions about cars that we'd like to see at the Motor Expo. Now, I know that there is little or no hope of Toyota bringing any of these vehicles to Thailand, but surely there would be a market for some interesting cars here. Often car makers make claim to understand the market here, claiming that they know what Thai motorists want.

While this may be so, did anybody ask them if they want the FJ Cruiser? No? I didn't think so.

Isuzu and Toyota in business alliance

Toyota Motor Corp and Isuzu Motors Ltd have jointly announced a signed memorandum of understanding, which will kick off a study into the possibility of future business collaboration.

For the most part this potential collaboration is likely to be focused on research & development and the production of diesel engines, joint R&D of emission-control technologies and devices (again for diesel engines), and environmental technologies including the use of alternative fuels.

Motor Expo Most Wanted - Toyota Auris

Continuing our look at cars that are unlikely to be at the Thailand International Motor Expo, but that we'd like to see there all the same, it's time to take a look a the Toyota Auris.

Toyota are the biggest selling auto maker in Thailand. Their range of cars is large too, with no less than twelve models in the lineup. Surely there's something for everyone in that lot? That might be the case, but it would help make the Motor Expo interesting if Toyota brought one of these along:

Higher import duties might end trade

Toyota Hiace

UMW Holdings Bhd, a company that exports Toyota Hiace vans from Malaysia to Thailand, is worried at a devision by the Thai government to maintain import duties of 20% on vehicles built in Malaysia.

UMW argues that a rate of 5% should apply in accordance with the Common Effective Preferential Tariff (CEPT). The CEPT limits tariffs to a rate of 5% (or lower) on goods that have a ASEAN content of 40% or more, and this is the case for the Malaysian built Hiace.

Is Time Right for Toyota Prius in Thailand?

The Toyota Prius has been an option for environmentally conscious motorists since 1997. Almost a decade later a visit to Toyota Thailand's website contains a short flash presentation of the Prius with the message: "To the Power of Hybrid - Get ready for the new journey."

Are Toyota hinting at a forthcoming release of the Prius on the Thai market? Is the timing right? Will it sell? Should it sell?

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