How to Jump Start a Car

Do you know the proper technique for jump starting a car with a flat battery? Maybe you do, or maybe you think you do. Either way it can't hurt to read this so that there isn't any doubt.

First, I'd like to dispel a commonly held misconception that connecting a healthy battery to a flat battery can damage the good battery, or the car that it is in.

This is not true. If you do it right it will not cause any harm at all.

The other common misconception is that you need to connect the negative terminals first. This is also bogus. In fact, you connect the positive terminals first!

Proton Gen 2 CNG Speeding

I was researching for a Proton related story when I stumbled upon this video that I would like to share.

The video that follows is one of a guy speeding in a Gen 2 on a Thai highway. He tops out just short of 180 km/h. Why am I putting this video up? Well we all know that a Gen 2 can go at 180 km/h, so it's not about that. And it's not because he crashes at the end either.

2010 Mazda3 Hatchback Images

Official images of the 2010 Mazda3 Hatchback have surfaced, and they have been met with mixed reactions. The front end is much the same as the 4-door Mazda3 Sedan that was shown first. So it looks like Randall from Monsters Inc.

Mazda3 Image

Honda Civic Cut in Half - Accident

These pictures of a 2005-2008 model Honda Civic are being circulated via email forwards. The car appears to have been cut in half. Noice in the image of the front section of the car, you can see the rear section of the car resting about 20-30 metres away.

Crashed Honda Civic Image

Cool Airbag for Motorbike Riders by 2010

Even with this super cool airbag to protect my neck, I'd still be too chicken to ride a motorbike. Four wheels are good for me.

Why is Kanpithak Patchimsawat still allowed to drive?

You might not remember the name Kanpithak Patchimsawat. You might not know his other title "Mu Ham" either. But if you have been following Thai news in the last year you will remember the story of a crazy kid who had a fight with a bus driver, hit him in the face with a brick, and then got back into his Mercedes and drove it into the people who had just got out of the bus he was involved in an accident with.

He killed one and injured several other people in that incident. He deliberately drove his car into a group of people and killed one of them!

Motor Show 2008 - Ford: Let's get ready for a surprise!

Ford Surprise

Ford have a surprise in store for visitors to the Bangkok International Motor Show, kicking off on 28 March at Bitec. Ford's website has a little button suggesting that there is going to be a surprise at the motor show, and offers free tickets.

Following the link brings you to a page which seems to give away everything. Surprised?

2008 Bangkok International Motor Show - Theme

What Thai motor show would be complete without a suitably unmemorable theme, and a piece of badly translated text to try to explain it. This year the theme is "The Environmental Auto Globalization."

What does that mean? I suppose it means that we have yet another environmentally theme to the show. This is from the 29th BAngkok International Motor Show webiste:

Mazda BT-50 Biodiesel Test - Results are in

Mazda have completed their BT-50 bio-diesel B2 and B5 test and have posted a press release which declares the success of the test. I have included the full press release below, but I would like to point out a few things that had me wondering.

Mazda BT-50 image

2008 Honda Accord Test Drive Review - Poem

Test drive reports are really not all that useful. I would never buy a car simply because I read a review from someone who thought the car was great. Yet sometimes it is useful to read other opinions to help us form our own thoughts more completely, and make well rounded decisions.

In the past I'd avoided testing cars, but since I'm currently looking around for a car myself, I might as well present some of my opinions here, as they might be of some help. But to make this one a little more interesting (or even less useful) I would like to present it in the form of a poem.

2008 Honda Accord

Thai Actor Speeds and Brags About It - Krish Suwannaphab

This has to be one of the craziest articles I've seen in The Nation in some time. What I am surprised at is that there isn't even a single hint throughout the piece that there is anything wrong with this Thai actor's idea of priorities.

What is the "Point" of this? - Cars All Stitched Together!

Usually, I try not to post up articles that don't have anything to do with Thailand, but this one is just too interesting to pass up. This story on CarScoop about a line of cars that have been stitched together, and even into the road, is very weird. Although it's hard to imagine how this was done, the question I would ask is: What is the point of this?

Cars Stitched Together

Chevrolet Optra Servicing Costs - Again!

If you read my recent post about Chevrolet servicing pricing being all over the place, with a difference of THB 7,000 quoted between two dealers within 5 km of each other, you might be interested in this follow-up.

Chevrolet Service Centre - Shock Price Difference!

Chevrolet owners in Bangkok: Shop around for your servicing!! Today we took our Chevrolet Optra to the Chevrolet Dealership on Ram Intra road, the one next to Foodland. The car was up for its 60,000 km service and since the Optra needs a new timing belt at this interval the quote for the service was approximately THB 10,000. This didn't surprise me, although it is an insane amount of money for servicing on a car of this class, because the dealer had given me a heads up at 50,000 km that it would be around THB 10,000 at 60k.

Chevrolet Optra

Although the money didn't put me off, the time did. They needed all day with the car, and I wasn't prepared to be without it that long, so we decided to check out some other Chevrolet Service Centres. First my wife called the dealer on Nawamin Rd. They quoted approximately THB 8,000 for the service. Surprised at the THB 2,000 difference we checked out one other Service Center, the one on Ladprao Soi 101. This time, I was even more surprised at the figure quoted: THB 15,000!!

Relative Car Costs by Country - 350Z

CarScoop have done some homework and produced a price list by country for the Nissan 350Z, highlighting some ridiculous extremes.

The Nissan 350Z can be yours for just US$19,070 in the US. That's around THB 600,000! In Thailand the 350Z starts at THB 4,950,000 or US$157,300. Would you feel comfortable paying eight-times more than you should really have to?

This clipping is from the Siam Nissan website:

350Z price

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