Don't Drink Drive!

The Bangkok Post has a timely article asking people to "Drive safely and don't drink".

Statistics for road deaths in Thailand are shocking, but if you live in Thailand, you will probably not be surprised to know that the WHO figures have placed Thai roads as the 6th most deadly in the world. Around 14 thousand people die on the roads in Thailand each year, with over 1 million people suffering injuries as a result of road accidents annually. 80% of these accidents are related to drink driving.

In her article, Ploenpote Atthakor correctly points out that drink-driving accidents are not mistakes, but crimes. In the period from 29th December to 4th January the Thai government has set a target of 456 deaths!

Hit-and-run Death Linked to Thai Woman

Thailand's roads rank as the 6th most dangerous in the world. There are numerous factors that contribute to massive annual death tolls on Thai roads. On November 26th one potential contributor was in Japan overstaying her visa and driving without a driving license.

After she ignored a red light and with the police in chase, she proceeded to run over a 59-year-old man before crashing into 3 other vehicles at a intersection and then fled the scene. She was caught when police identified her by her cell-phone which was left in the car.

Apparently she claimed that she fled the police because she was afraid of being caught with no license and for overstaying her visa.

Toyota recalls 1.4 million cars!

1.41million Toyota cars are being recalled because of a headlight fault.

The recall affects 16 models built between May 2000 and August 2002 and will reportedly cost Toyota £73m.

It is recalling 1.27 million models in Japan, as well as cars exported to Australia, Singapore and Thailand.

The recall was announced by Japan's Transport Ministry, which said no injuries or accidents had been attributed to the defect.

Source: BBC

Luxury Equipment Promotes Kindness in S-class Drivers

In reviewing the Mercedes S-class, the Bangkok Post lists and describes a number of optional extras available for the car. The best of these has to be the DISTRONIC PLUS system. From the DaimlerChrysler website:

The Damage a Car Can Do

The Malay Mail has this story of an accident in Pantai Dalam, Malaysia.

The Thai connection is that the driver of the car that smashed into seven parked cars was a Thai, believed to be drunk when he lost control of the car. He sustained the only injury: a broken leg.

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