Cool Airbag for Motorbike Riders by 2010

Even with this super cool airbag to protect my neck, I'd still be too chicken to ride a motorbike. Four wheels are good for me.

Why is Kanpithak Patchimsawat still allowed to drive?

You might not remember the name Kanpithak Patchimsawat. You might not know his other title "Mu Ham" either. But if you have been following Thai news in the last year you will remember the story of a crazy kid who had a fight with a bus driver, hit him in the face with a brick, and then got back into his Mercedes and drove it into the people who had just got out of the bus he was involved in an accident with.

He killed one and injured several other people in that incident. He deliberately drove his car into a group of people and killed one of them!

Nissan Navara NCAP Take 2 - Still Poor

Remember the story on the pick-up truck safty testing from Euro NCAP? Well, Nissan have taken some action to try and rectify some of the safety concerns, and submitted the Navara for a second test.

Think Pick-Up Trucks are Safe? Think Again!

I'd been waiting for this for a long time, and now finally the Euro NCAP treatment has been dished out on some pick-up trucks. And no, the results are not pretty.

Mitsubishi L200 crash

Mazda BT-50 Biodiesel Test - Results are in

Mazda have completed their BT-50 bio-diesel B2 and B5 test and have posted a press release which declares the success of the test. I have included the full press release below, but I would like to point out a few things that had me wondering.

Mazda BT-50 image

Thai Actor Speeds and Brags About It - Krish Suwannaphab

This has to be one of the craziest articles I've seen in The Nation in some time. What I am surprised at is that there isn't even a single hint throughout the piece that there is anything wrong with this Thai actor's idea of priorities.

Chiang Mai Road Accidents - CCTV captures the carnage

Just stumbled across a video on YouTube of a news story from earlier this year showing a bunch of CCTV footage of road accidents in Chiang Mai. Readers of are probably bored of me talking about the lack of safety on Thai roads that results in 14,000 people loosing their lives each year. Have a look at this video, no commentary is needed. Be warned, some of these accidents are horrific.

Chinese Death Traps

The Chinese auto industry is growing fast. So far the strategy for the Chinese automakers has been to use existing designs from other manufacturers to save in development costs. The Jiangling Landwind is an example of this, making use of an old Isuzu Rodeo design from 1991-1998.

In the next few years we can expect Chinese cars to start entering the Thai market, indeed we can expect to see the first evidence of this at the upcoming Thailand International Motor Show next month. These cars will appear to be attractive options with very low pricing, but consider this:

Sornram Kills Woman in Car Crash

Sornram Thepitak, a popular Thai actor, crashed his BMW on Wednesday night killing a 59-year-old woman, destroying a phone-booth, and felling a tree in the process.

Both the Bangkok Post, and The Nation have reported on the "accident" with slightly different reports. I drove past the scene of the accident shortly after it had happened, but didn't pay much attention because I hate rubbernecking, and don't want to be a hypocrite. What my wife and I did notice was the rear end of a BMW 5 series, a tree down blocking some of the road, and a body in the back of a truck, wrapped tightly in cloth, and a lot of people milling around and talking on mobile phones.

Toyota Fortuner exhaust problems? - Toyota says "No"


Toyota Motor Thailand have carried out a "careful inspection" of Fortuners in production to investigate a customer complaint, claiming that exhaust gases were entering the cabin near the rear seats.

How important is safety to you? - Small cars

Over the next few weeks I plan to post a series of short articles focusing on safety. We'll take a look at groups of cars that are available on the Thai market. This time we'll have a look at the budget market.

Cheap and cheerful though they might be, are budget cars going to end up costing you an arm and a leg if you have an accident? Is there really much difference between the safety of a Yaris and Jazz? Let's try to find out.

Totoya recalls 530,000 vehicles in the US

Toyota Tundra Small

Toyota's reputation for producing cars with "bulletproof" reliability has been tarnished yet again as the company has been forced to recall around 530,000 vehicles from the Tundra pickup truck and the Sequoia SUV range.

Apparently the Toyota is to replace steering joints in the vehicles, which have been wearing away too quickly, which has resulted in 11 accidents due to difficulties handling the vehicles once the fault occurs.

Toyota to take law into own hands - drunks can't drive!

Drink driving is a global problem. Despite the best efforts of legislators and education campaigns, otherwise sensible folk still feel it is acceptable to drive while intoxicated. The result is thousands of senseless deaths in Thailand each year.

5 dead in drunk driving crash

It's that time of year again. Some call it the silly season, but there are many silly seasons on Thai roads.

At this time of year the already dreadful death toll rises. In part this is because more people take to the roads, traveling upcountry for new year, but the bigger cause of "accidents", is drink driving.

TestCar, Independent Car Testing Service in Thailand

TestCar Logo

Last week I was contacted by Shay Garini, the Managing Director and founder of Thailand's first (only) car testing facility, TestCar Co. Ltd.

In a nutshell TestCar is the new best friend for anyone wishing to buy a second-hand car in Thailand, although there are others who will also benefit from their services, but we'll come to that later on.

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