Security Alarm Monitoring - How It Works

Home Security alarm monitoring is a phone based communication system, which directly links your home security alarm system to an alarm watching facility. This facility, commonly referred to as a monitoring station, is manned 24 hours a day by fully qualified security guards.

Home Security Alarm Monitoring - How It Works

If your alarm is set and your home security is breached your alarm system will automatically and immediately send a distress signal to the monitoring company. The monitoring company has guards watching the screens 24 hours a day just waiting to receive an alarm distress call. When your alarm is activated the security guards alarm monitoring screen will flash to advise that your home security has been breached. The security guard will also receive a set of instructions advising the appropriate actions to take on behalf of you, the client. Such instructions could include,contacting you or another emergency contact, dispatching a guard to attend to your home security distress alarm or informing the police.

In the event that you are away, the home security monitoring company can organize to dispatch an alarm response guard and organize to have any break and enter damage to your property repaired immediately.

There are many home security alarm systems that also include panic buttons and/or medic alert bracelets. These allow a person who is at home but experiencing a home invasion or medical emergency to send an immediate distress signal to the alarm monitoring company. In many cases such distress alarms automatically dial the security monitoring company, providing you with an instant and direct line of communication with the guard at the other end.
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