Disabled Parking - Not Just Abused by "VIPs"

Notice anything unusual about this image?

Nice Parking!

Okay you have to look closely at the ground beneath the delivery bikes. This next image should make matters very clear:

Nice Parking!

This is a scene from the car park at the Tesco Lotus near Sapan Mai in Bangkok. What strikes me as being very strange about this arrangement is that space could have been allocated elsewhere to be used for the fast-food delivery bikes, freeing up these spaces for use by those they are intended to serve.

Of course, abuse of parking spaces which are allocated for disabled drivers is a common problem everywhere, not just in Thailand. I have often witnessed the self-proclaimed VIP types parking in the extra wide and conveniently located spaces. But this case is a little different and, in my view, more appalling.

Having said that there is another possibility that would put this into a completely different light: Perhaps the multinational-fast-food chains involved have made a point of hiring disabled individuals who are therefore entitled to park their bikes in this space.