Relative Car Costs by Country - 350Z

CarScoop have done some homework and produced a price list by country for the Nissan 350Z, highlighting some ridiculous extremes.

The Nissan 350Z can be yours for just US$19,070 in the US. That's around THB 600,000! In Thailand the 350Z starts at THB 4,950,000 or US$157,300. Would you feel comfortable paying eight-times more than you should really have to?

This clipping is from the Siam Nissan website:

350Z price

Okay, so there are differences in TAX, VAT, CRT etc. but can all this really amount to THB 4,3000,000 being added on? Remember the American car also has TAX added.

If you did just shell out way too much money for a 350Z in Thailand, take heart! Thailand comes a close second behind Norway, where Nissan manage to sucker over US$165,000 out of well healed folks willing to shell out that much for a US$19,000 car. Shocking!

Of course there are other examples that could be used to illustrate the same point. In some cases Thailand would come out better, like with locally assembled trucks. But in most cases, if a car is remotely interesting, the government and motoring industry will each extract the maximum cash possible from people who are seemingly content to be ripped off.

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