Chiang Mai Road Accidents - CCTV captures the carnage

Just stumbled across a video on YouTube of a news story from earlier this year showing a bunch of CCTV footage of road accidents in Chiang Mai. Readers of are probably bored of me talking about the lack of safety on Thai roads that results in 14,000 people loosing their lives each year. Have a look at this video, no commentary is needed. Be warned, some of these accidents are horrific.

These types of accident should be taken seriously because they should all be avoidable.

Many visitors to Thailand seem to fall into the Thai mindset of having a casual disregard for safety concerns on the road. Perhaps they haven't been in Thailand long enough to witness any horrific road deaths. If on the other hand, you have been in Thailand long enough to know better, that's your call. But be aware that helmets are mandatory, and just because laws are not enforced, doesn't mean that they cease being laws.

You just never know when a crazy man in a Nissan NV, pimped out with blue neon under-lighting, and flame paint-work, is going to punt into the back of you.