All-New S80 to End Volvo Sales Slump

The launch of the fresh new S80 is expected to boost sales and help rejuvenate the brand image in Thailand. Volvo are expecting sales of over 100-units of the new car by the end of 2007. The new S80 is a dramatically different car than the outgoing model, with smoother flowing lines like its sporty S60 sibling.

Volvo S80 Exterior Picture

Indeed the S80 will probably have a much wider appeal to the old model, thanks to a much sportier, more dynamic design. Pricing starts at THB 3.3 baht for the locally assembled 2.5T petrol, with a 2.4 turbo diesel and and a in-line 6 cylinder 3.2 liter petrol completing the engine line up, and pricing continuing to rise to the price of several large houses. Safety kit is impressive too, and even includes a heartbeat monitor that will notify you via the electronic "key" if a intruder is hiding in your car. Cool car.

Volvo S80 Picture