Proton take aim at Thai market - Good luck to them!

proton logo

Malaysian carmaker, Proton, is set to join the Thai market. But who in Thailand is going to buy one? Proton's entry to the Thai market has been made possible by the new low tariffs of just 0-5% on cars coming in from Malaysia under the Asean Free Trade Agreement. This will allow Malaysian built cars to compete on price with locally built models.

The cars will be distributed by Phranakorn Auto Sales Co Ltd. And if you visit the Thailand Motor Expo at the end of the year you'll get a chance to look at some of the Proton offerings that will be debuted at the show. Expect Proton models to compete by offering low-price models, and perhaps offer some very competitive finance and warranty deals.

But as with the announced return of Hyundai to the Thai market this year, this is ultimately good news because it means more choice for the consumer. I just can't imagine Proton making much of a splash in Thailand.

Source: Business Times