Would you pay 8.4 million baht for a 2.7 million baht car?

In Thailand there are good value cars and bad value cars. Most of the good value ones are built in Thailand, and so benefit from lower tax rates than fully-built-up imported cars. For example, I would consider a Toyota Soluna Vios to be good value for money with prices starting at just under 500,000 baht. An imported Peugeot 206 with a smaller engine and less power costs 895,000 baht, and so would not really be considered good value. Are you with me?

Now lets look at the Corvette Z06. A car that costs approximately US$67,000 (around 2.7 million baht) in the States. Would you consider it good value... or even great value if it was going to cost you 8.4 million baht (over US$200,000)? Well at least one person does.

This taken from a review on the Bangkok Post:

The Z06 retails for US$67,095 in the US. That's approx-imately 2.7 million baht. Including local taxes in Thailand, the Z06 asks for 8.4 million baht.

That may sound a little steep for a car that comes with mediocre quality. But when you consider the Z06's stomping supercar performance, it's great value.

Amazing!! A car with "mediocre quality" is great value at US$130,000 too much. Does this guy work for the Thai government? They'll make more out of the car this Chevrolet will! Accepted, it is a car for people who have the money, but even the super rich must be able to tell the difference between what represents value and what doesn't. I imagine there must be 8.4 million better ways to spend that sort of money. But then again I have never had a drive in the Z06!