Tata and Thai Rung Union Car Plc Deal

No. Tata Young hasn't asked Thai Rung Union to modify an ISUZU truck for her. But, "I believe" Indian car maker Tata Motors has signed a deal with Thai Rung Union Car (site in Thai) to manufacture vehicles in Thailand.

The deal is good news for Thai Rung Union (TRU), Thailand's largest pickup truck modifier, who have been struggling of late in a very competitive market. Under the deal TRU and Tata will be manufacturing the 207 DI pickup truck in Thailand, for sale in the local market. Thailand is the second largest market for pickup trucks after the US. Under the deal it seems that TRU will have a hand in the redesign of the 207 DI to best fit the Thai market.

Tata plan to introduce the model in Thailand at the Bangkok International Motor Show in March 2006, with production to start soon after.

Not many details of the deal have been announced yet, but you can learn more about it on the Business Standard website.

The article suggests that Tata also plan to produce Hybrid and "low energy" cars in Thailand, but it is not clear if this will happen through this partnership with TRU, or through a separate venture.