Proton Gen 2 CNG Speeding

I was researching for a Proton related story when I stumbled upon this video that I would like to share.

The video that follows is one of a guy speeding in a Gen 2 on a Thai highway. He tops out just short of 180 km/h. Why am I putting this video up? Well we all know that a Gen 2 can go at 180 km/h, so it's not about that. And it's not because he crashes at the end either.

I really just want to raise a few questions. Isn't there a test track that this sort of guy can go to if he wants to find out just how fast his car can go? Somewhere that he won't be risking the lives of other road users.

And seriously, what is the obsession people have with finding the top speed of their car on public roads? This is against the law, and the law is there to protect us in this case.

There is a time and a place for speeding, but these are the times when the police will listen to your reason and give you a pardon, or even a police escort for the remainder of the trip. I think, "I wanted to see how fast my Proton could go and record it and put it on to publicly show how inconsiderate I am towards other road users", is not going to be one of those reasons.