PTT Charge Too Much!

Happy PTT Image

Anybody else see today's article in the Bangkok Post about the expected revenue gain for PTT next year? If not here is a quick run down:

  • Image of a PTT guy showing us the thumbs up
  • Headline "PTT forecasts 20% revenue gain next year"
  • Bunch of stuff about how well PTT is doing
  • Bunch of stuff about how much better they'll be doing next year

Sounds good right? I mean, who wouldn't be happy to learn that PTT is raking it in. I'm so happy for them. This is tremendious. Now, question: Could PTT forfit that increase in revenue and instead allow the good people of Thailand to pay a little less for their fuel?

Aren't we living in an supposed Economic downturn? Isn't the Thai economy very dependent on oil prices, given that the majority of transportation of people and goods is achieved from oil? Didn't everything go up in price when the price of oil went up, making conditions generally harder for folks? Ah well! We're just all so happy for PTT and its continued success. I'm sure we'll just keep buying their produce at whatever price they see fit, hopefully helping them to continue to increase their revenue year-on-year.
[ Source : Bangkok Post ]