Nissan Teana lost in translation, but retains rear suspension

In my opinion Nissan Thailand have one of the best websites of any of the auto makers. It's clearly laid out, has a very comprehensive English version, and you have access to all the specifications that tend to be missing from other sites.

But on the specification listing for the Nissan Teana, it would appear that a few details have been lost in translation.

I've included a capture from the site below, which highlights the two most interesting features of the Teana:

  • Transmission System
  • Rear Suspension

Nice to know that a gear box and some springs in the back are standard kit on a modern car!

A quick check of the Thai version of the page shows that there is a little detail missing from the English version. The transmission system is a 4 speed auto, and the rear suspension is a new multi-link setup. Interesting that the parts that were lost in translation didn't actually need to be translated at all. "New Multi-Link" is how it is written on the Thai page.

There are other details missing on the English vs. Thai, but these two are the most fun.

Having said that I still find the Nissan site to be very clear, even with English translation efforts like this:

Unforeseen of new experience TIIDA style. The latest vehicle with advanced disign. Exterior streamline with spacious room to serve modernists. Excelled expectation of all particularity to respond the inspiration. New engine 1.6 and 1.8 liters. Fulfill the new enjoyment as you want.

And this:

New teana is the another step of Nissan creativity to respond all inspiration and all dreams of excellent motorization, together with European style and supreme technology, top Japanese design as well.

The inspiration to other step succeed. New TEANA was higher developed to respond lifestyle which needs the different purposes by luxurious design but distingished as created, perfect with high performance to give more esthetics driving.

Don't worry Nissan, we know what you mean.