Nissan Navara NCAP Take 2 - Still Poor

Remember the story on the pick-up truck safty testing from Euro NCAP? Well, Nissan have taken some action to try and rectify some of the safety concerns, and submitted the Navara for a second test.

The structural instability of the cabin still remains a major concern, but due to an improvement in the airbag deployment software the airbag now deploys at a more appropriate time (not late) and this helps boost the Navara to a 3-star rating adult occupant safety. While this is an improvement over the crossed out 1-star rating the last time around, this is still not an impressive rating.

Navara NCAP Resutls

Nissan are now faced with the task of servicing all Navara trucks built since 2005, to make the necessary changes.

It should be noted that the Navara as sold in Europe is slightly different in specification to the Thai built model we have here. How exactly these NCAP ratings relate to the Thai Navara are unclear, particularly when it comes to the airbags and other systems. The adjustment might not effect Thai models, but if you do own a Navara it might be worth raising this issue with your local Nissan service centre.

But the structural weakness of the Navara design is likely to be exactly the same here in Thailand. Looking at these new results, I would still be steering well clear of a Navara as long as safety remains a concern.

Update: (21/3/08) According to an article in the Bangkok Post, none of this affects the Thai Navara. But I wonder if this means that the Thai model is even less safe.