Nissan Eco Car by October 2009

Nissan could be the first automaker to introduce its Thai eco car. According to the Bangkok Post, Nissan could have its car to market as soon as October 2009.

It still isn't clear which car Nissan will use for the project, but the March seems likely candidate. The March, also known as the Micra, is currently a Japanese/European car, but the 2010 March (due out near the end of 2009), is to be more of a global model, and this would make it ideal for the eco car project.

Eco car participants will need to produce large numbers of vehicles to meet the requirements of the project. So, despite all the speculation about eco cars that is based on Thai preferences for vehicles, the bigger question is, can it be exported to Australia and the rest of SE Asia.

Unfortunately eco car is not shaping up to be the affordable option we might have hoped for.

The March would effectively go head-to-head with the Toyota Yaris, both in terms of function and price. But the March would likely come with a 1.2 litre engine (1.3 litre is the maximum allowed for eco car status). That fact will make it very difficult for Nissan to sell the March in large numbers in Thailand, so it is suspected that as many as 75 percent of the vehicles will be exported.

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