Nissan Eco Car in March 2010

A while back I did a speculative piece and suggested that the Nissan Eco Car could be on the market as soon as October 2009. Well, it's now almost 2010, so I guess you win some, but not the rest.

But this morning Nissan Thailand sent me a very nice little card in the mail, and I'm sure they won't mind me sharing it with you all here. It seems that while I was wrong about the timing of the Eco Car launch, I was probably right about the actual car Nissan would use. Read on...

Nissan Eco Card Image

Is that clear enough for you? In case you are scratching your head, don't worry, I'll explain everything. First, the "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2010" is simply an excuse to send this card out, because it is just a teaser for an upcoming launch by Nissan. Subtle it is not!

There is an image of a car made up of text, which reads:

"Nissan ECO CAR. The car that everything dreams of... ECO Friendly, Safe, Friendly with Model Engineering, Friendly and Quality. Simplifies city driving, safety, City agility comfort, Simplifies city driving.

There is also the odd "Eco Car" and "Eco" thrown in here and there for good measure. I'm guessing not a lot of effort went into this, but the shape is unmistakably the Nissan March. The March is known as the Micra in some markets, but I'm guessing that it will be designated the Nissan March in Thailand. The clue? Well, at the bottom of the card, it says "SEE YOU IN MARCH 2010"!

Perhaps I'm the only one who was starting to lose hope in the Eco Car project. But finally, it seems we are only months away from the Nissan offering.

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