New Honda Jazz Due Soon

A few months ago Honda showrooms had CR-V, Jazz, Civic and City cars on display, and the notable absence of Accords at that time looked like a clear indication that the space was waiting to be filled with the all-new Accord.

Well, that proved to be accurate, and a few weeks after I noticed the lack of Accords, the new ones popped in. Well, right now there are less and less Honda showrooms that feature the Jazz, which leads me to believe that we are probably getting very close to the launch of the new 2008 Jazz.

The City, which is based on the Jazz platform, will probably be updated later in the year, completing Honda's range-wide update that started with the Civic then CR-V, Accord and soon Jazz. The release of the new Jazz should boost sales in this segment. Toyota are hoping for significant sales growth across the industry this year, and new cars do help.

Honda recently lowered prices of all their cars owing to the E20 capability, all their cars except the Jazz, and the 3.5 litre Accord that is. The failure to lower the Accord pricing was explained away by Honda due to the engine size, but there was no explanation why the Jazz didn't see its prices slashed. After all, the City has the same engines. My theory is that the engines needed some minor update to the fuel system to allow them to run reliably on E20, but since the Jazz was so near to end-of-life there was no reason to bother with the update in that case. This could possible mean that the new Jazz will be priced a little lower than the outgoing model, but don't count on it.

2008/2009 Honda Jazz Boot image

Since, Toyota have yet to lower the price of their Yaris, and it is unclear at the moment if they will, Honda might not be under any real pressure to bring down the cost of the Jazz. The new Corolla Altis will be E20 capable though, so at least we know Toyota are on board with the E20 strategy, but they have been slower to react than Honda, Mazda, Ford, and Mitsubishi.