New Honda Jazz - "R u Jazz enough?"

Honda have updated their Thai website and it's all to do with the new Jazz. The first hint that something is up is when the model line-up appears at the base of the main page:

Clicking on the cleverly covered Jazz opens a teaser site for the new Jazz, with two cool youths, one male and one female, appearing and reappearing through out the site. Clearly Honda are aiming for the youth market with the Jazz.

The marketing tagline: "R u Jazz enough?" must have taken at least two minutes to come up with, and appearing in a speech bubble next to the cool guy's head do little for his credibility in the coolness stakes.

But this is where things start to get very frustrating, as you are asked questions like : "Are you Metrosexual?" Next you are asked how many friends you have and you must submit their email addresses to proceed. Next you are asked to define yourself based on some little icons like iPods, sunglasses, and trees! The fourth step sees you playing a silly game, and the end result of all that effort is a opportunity to register with Honda Thailand, and although I skipped that part, I was then able to get this:

and this:

Fantastic! I was hoping to learn something valuable at the end of all that! Alas, I just end up even more sure that I'm not metrosexual.

Anyway, if you are still interested, the Honda Jazz will be launched at the Bangkok International Motor Show at the end of the month.