Mazda Sales Right on Target

Mazda Sales Thailand Co. Ltd has reported satisfactory sales during the first half of 2008. Despite the market conditions, the high diesel price and the political uncertainty, Mazda seem to be holding their own in a difficult market where pickup truck sales in particular are suffering.

BT-50 Image

In the period January to July 2008, Mazda Thailand enjoyed total sales of 6,999 units. The vast majority of these were the BT-50 pickup truck with 4,843 units sold. The Mazda3 is due for replacement, perhaps within a year, but is still selling well considering its age, and high price tag. Of Mazda's sales tally, 2,125 units were the Mazda 3, with the MX-5 roadster racking up 31 sales.

Mazda expect that latter half of the year will see an improvement, following the recent government-aided reduction in fuel prices, as well as the lower global diesel price.


Mazda sales are also partly down to very aggressive marketing campaigns, including the Mazda3 with 0% down payment, and up to 84 instalments with a low interest rate. This promotion is only for those in professional careers though, so has a limited appeal.

The BT-50 "sport pickup" promotion is called "Buy Now Pay Next Year". Under this offer, the first 6 monthly instalments are made on behalf of the customer by Mazda, according to Yuadyan. By the sounds of it the promotion really means you "Buy Now but don't have to pay anything until next year", rather than you have to pay for it next year.

Both the Mazda3 an BT-50 are reaching the end of their shelf life, and these sort of promotions usually hint that the end of the line is not far away.