Hyundai Sonata with Free CNG Installation

Hyundai joins Mercedes and Chevrolet by offering a CNG model in Thailand. Hyundai is now offering the Sonata 2.0 EL and 2.0 SP in bi-fuel variants, capable of running on CNG and Gasohol.

Sonata Front

The factory fitted system comes with a shortened 3 year or 100,000 km warranty, down from the 5 year warranty offered on standard models.

Hyundai are offering a promotion on the CNG models, and the pricing is currently the same for the CNG models as for the standard petrol models. So, the 2.0 EL is THB 1.075 million, while the 2.0 SP with 17" alloys and fog lamps is THB 1.095 million.

Considering what you get for your money, this represents good value for money. The system is designed to switch between CNG and Gasohol automatically.

Apart from sacrificing 2 years of warranty, the CNG version also comes with a drastically reduced boot space. The CNG tank is hidden behind a cloth wall bearing a Hyundai logo. There is still useful space, but the CNG tank lessens the practically of the Sonata which in normal form had an very large boot.

But sacrificing about 1/2 the luggage space to a 100-litre CNG tank allows the car to hold 20 kilograms of CNG which should give the car a range of 160-200 km before having to switch back to Gasohol, or find a filling station.

At the current price of THB 8.50 per kg, that would mean a full tank of CNG would set you back just THB 170.

Hyundai is offering 2-years of interest free instalments with a down-payment of 20%, along with free first-class insurance for the first year. The company hopes that this will help them to sell 100 units a month. A Hyundai representative informed me that this offer would last until October, but didn't give any details as to why. I would guess that Hyundai are planning to launch the face-lifted Sonata later this year, and may change their marketing promotions to coincide with that.

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