Hyundai Santa Fe Thai Assembly

Hyundai started their campaign in Thailand with the side-by-side launch of 3 models: the Sonata, the Santa Fe, and the Coupe. Since then sales have been slow enough, with the Sonata notching up a modest 70 orders, while the Coupe sales are similarly low, with just 6-8 units a month.

While the Sonata is built locally, the Santa Fe and Coupe enter Thailand in completely built up (CBU) form. For the coupe, this isn't a big deal, as it is a niche product anyway, but the CBU Santa Fe with a THB 2.55 million price tag is simply unable to compete on price along side locally assembled competition like the Chevrolet Captiva and the Honda CR-V.

Not really surprising then, is the news that Hyundai is to assemble the Santa Fe in Thailand, a step that will allow the price to be in the THB 1.5 million range. At this price point, the 7-seat SUV will wrestle some sales from Chevrolet and Honda, and Hyundai hope to grab around 5% of the SUV market share.

Hyundai is enjoying real success with the H1 van, with over 200 units ordered at the Motor Expo in December.