Honda New Small Concept

Honda New Small Image

Honda has just unveiled a new small car concept at the 2010 Auto Expo in New Delhi. You'll never guess what they've called it, so I'll tell you: "New Small."

I really hope nobody got paid to come up with that name. But, while the name might indeed be about as imaginative as the title of this article, the car itself is much less dull. In fact, I'd say it bodes well for the chances of the Eco Car's success in Thailand when it is launched next year (2011 people).

What we know

The car will go to production sometime in 2011, and will be primarily aimed at the Indian and Thai markets. Of course the Indian market makes sense, since it is an emerging market for small affordable cars. Everyone is trying to get in on the act there, including Toyota with the Etios. Cheap and basic small cars with economical engines, yet providing room for at least 5 passengers in relative comfort seems to be the order of the day. The Honda offering will be no exception.

Although it does look dinky from the outside, the stance is quite wide, allowing room for a full complement of five people.

Honda New Small Side Image

It is very nice to look at, and while much of the coolness will be lost in order to meet a price point, the final car shouldn't be too foul. Don't expect the cool hidden door handles to be retained, or the LED indicators, or the alloy wheels..... you get the idea.

What we can assume

Obviously when there is such a short press release, we are left short on solid facts to report. That said, the fact that the car is slated for launch in Thailand seems to indicate that this car will represent Honda's Eco Car for the Thai market.

Given that it is going to slot in below the Jazz and City, and the Freed sits above, Honda would finally have a full range of small cars in Thailand.

We can also expect that the car will not be called the New Small! Actually, I feel like it's a shame that the City name is already taken, since this looks much more like the City of old.

Who's if for

The Jazz is a very good package for those looking for a small city car. The car that eventually comes to market, based on this concept, will likely be a much more basic car. Expect every corner to be cut in order to make the car as keenly priced as possible. The Eco Cars will be primarily appealing to people looking for their first new car.

Honda New Small Rear Image

Honda to Exhibit the Honda New Small Concept at Auto Expo 2010 in New Delhi
January 5, 2010 - Honda Siel Cars India Ltd. unveiled the Honda New Small Concept, a concept model for a new small-sized vehicle, at the Auto Expo 2010 in New Delhi. HSCI also announced plans to begin sales of a new model in 2011 based on this concept model.

For the Honda New Small Concept, a wide platform with a stable center of gravity was adopted to create a highly efficient compact size with seating for five people. With the "Efficient Energetic Exterior" design, the dynamic design of the Honda New Small Concept with front forward fenders highlight the presence of the vehicle.

Honda is planning to introduce a new model based on the Honda New Small Concept in 2011, in India and also in Thailand.

Honda will strive to provide a new small-sized vehicle that is beyond the expectations of customers in rapidly growing markets and offer it at an affordable price by leveraging Honda's global parts sourcing network.